7 Natural Tips for Coping with PTSD

There are some ways of coping with PTSD that are healthier than others. If you want to get your condition under control, it is important that you take the time to look into some of the different treatment options that are available. These natural methods of coping with this condition can do wonders for your mental health. Post traumatic stress disorder is an issue that many people develop for a variety of reasons. While it is something that people typically associate with soldiers and war, anyone can have these issues.

  1. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can be one of the best ways to deal with PTSD effectively on a daily basis. This essentially involves focusing one’s mind and staying connected to the present moment. It is essentially meditation, which can be great for people with high levels of stress and anxiety. The more you practice this, the easier it will be to calm yourself down when you start getting worked up. If you are ever triggered by anything, you can use these exercises to anchor yourself to reality.

  • CBD

Taking CBD oil has helped countless people with PTSD over the years, so it is something you should learn about. Also known as Cannabidiol, this chemical compound has proven effective in providing people with post traumatic stress disorder with relief. It has a calming effect on the body, which can help you cope with the anxiety of everyday life.

CBD is entirely natural and doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. You just have to make sure that you get CBD oil that has a THC level of 0.02% or less. It can give you a simple but effective way of combating your symptoms for a healthier and more enjoyable life. You can take it as an oil in the form of a tincture, vape with it, or even eat in the form of numerous edible items.

  • Network of Support

It is crucial for anyone who is struggling with PTSD to have a network of people in their lives whom they can lean on for support. The more people you have to support you, the better off you are going to be. If you don’t have a lot of family or friends, you might want to join a support group. This can help you deal with your condition effectively by opening up to others who have problems similar to yours. It might be difficult to do this at first, but it is very important that you try.

  • Art Therapy

Doing art therapy on a regular basis is another good way of coping with PTSD. It can be very relaxing and give you an effective way to distract yourself from negative thoughts. This can be anything from woodworking to ceramics. Take the time to find something you think you might enjoy and go for it. You can even take a class at a local community centre. It is a great way to get your condition under control on a daily basis.

  • Writing

Writing down your feelings and thoughts in a journal can be helpful as well. It will give you a way to get out everything you feel in an organised manner. You can maintain this journal on your computer, smartphone or on paper. The important thing is that you write in it as regularly as possible.

  • Physical Activity

Sometimes just getting outside and going for a walk can do wonders for your mental health. People with anxiety often find this to be very helpful. There is no question that physical exercise can be helpful with improving a person’s mental state. You will have lots of different forms of exercise to choose from, so find one that you really enjoy. It could be swimming, cycling, or even lifting weights. Join a local gym or just work out at home, as long as you are engaging in some sort of physical activity.

  • Aromatherapy

It might seem a bit strange at first, but aromatherapy can actually work very well as a treatment for PTSD. There are many different essential oils that can cause a feeling of relaxation, which can be helpful for people with post traumatic stress disorder. This includes peppermint, lavender and sage. Buy an essential oil diffuser to keep in your home and use it when you start feeling anxious or stressed.

Living with PTSD can sometimes feel like a living nightmare, which is all the more reason to explore these natural treatments. While not everyone will get the same exact results from these methods, they can be helpful to many people. Anxiety in general is very difficult to cope with, so you will have to do your research. These are just some of the different ways that you can help yourself, but they are among the most effective.

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